What Is Geriatric Dentistry? | Huntington Beach Dentist

Aging is a process we all deal with in the later parts of our lives. And with that, there are loads of changes that take place as we get to a certain age. Our bodies are beginning to break down and we need more to keep ourselves healthy. One area in our lives that may be neglected as we age is our dental health. Unfortunately, our dental health should be more of a priority since it is our first line of defense against our overall health.

Geriatric dentistry is the delivery of oral care to older patients, many of whom require diagnosis, management, prevention and treatment of dental problems associated with age-related diseases. According to research, more than half of all dental patients over 60 are on medication or are medically compromised in some way, while also showing increased sensitivity to medication used in dentistry, necessitating a specialized type of care.

Potential drug interactions. Elder patients may take medications that make them more vulnerable to drug interactions, medication errors and drug reactions, requiring special precautions to protect the safety and well-being of older patients.

Compassion. Geriatric-focused dental professionals take great care to minimize noises and distractions during treatment. And since older patients with cognitive limitations are easily overwhelmed, geriatric-focused dental professionals are also careful to communicate using short, simple sentences that relax the patient and ease the treatment process.

Patience and consideration. When dealing with elder patients suffering from dementia or physical impairments, experienced dental professionals understand that patience may not be enough and may need to delay a procedure for a later time.

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