The Role Mouthwash Plays in Oral Hygiene | Huntington Beach Dentist

Mouthwash may seem like an unnecessary step for one’s oral hygiene and care routine, but it’s true that in general, you can go without it. Yet, mouthwash could be a great way to gain peace of mind, keep tarter buildup at bay, and make you feel fresh before starting your day.

How does mouthwash work?

Mouthwash works to reduce the number of bad bacteria in your mouth that cause plaque, and later cavities, to form. Incorporating mouthwash into your care routine can help prevent periodontal disease, and an extra helping of fluoride from a rinse can help keep a tooth that is prone to cavities clean. Mouthwash will also freshen your breath, so if you give your mouth a rinse before your next date night or important meeting, it’s certainly not going to work against you.

Which ingredients should I seek in a mouthwash?

The active ingredients in mouthwash are what allow the advertisements to claim their value. Bacteria-fighting ingredients such as cetylpyridinium chloride, zinc gluconate, or quaternary ammonium are the three most common ones. Each of them works to provide the preventative benefits you’re looking for.

So, what about natural washes?

Fluoride can be a controversial mineral, with opinions split over its effectiveness, and potential to harm oral health rather than aid in protecting it. Whatever someone’s reasoning, fluoride isn’t necessary. Natural mouthwashes utilize essential oils or ingredients such as garlic to act as an astringent and have been proven effective at preventing gum disease and reducing bad bacteria.

Can my child use mouthwash?

As a general rule, children under the age of six should not use mouthwash, as their risk for consumption rises. Once your child has developed the ability to properly swish and rinse their mouthwash, is when he or she can begin using it with supervision. Additionally, parents should opt for child-friendly washes to make the transition into using it more fun, and so it doesn’t potentially harm them if they do accidentally swallow it.

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Reasons to Resolve to Improve Your Dental Habits | Huntington Beach Dentist

Here we are again – on the brink of a new year. And while things may not be normalized in the world, we can have some type of control in our lives. And the new year is always the time we stop and reflect on what improvements we’d like to see in the new year. One area that is generally overlooked when considering resolutions is our dental routine. Dental health is important because it can influence other health issues. 

Did you know that the average person spends around 30 seconds brushing their teeth, compared to the recommended two minutes? Yes, the same amount of time you should be washing your hands is the same amount of time that you should be brushing your teeth. So, let’s start these new routines with a refresher course:

  • Brush twice a day for at least two minutes each session
  • Floss once a day before you sleep
  • Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash before you brush to loosen particles
  • Limit the daily snacks consumed, especially those full of sugar
  • Visiting the dentist every 3-6 months for regular checkups and professional cleaning

When brushing your teeth, make sure that every surface is brushed and cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Use short, gentle strokes with a soft-bristled toothbrush, paying extra attention to your gums, the back teeth and areas around dental work.

As for flossing, start with about 18 inches or so of floss, hold it between your thumbs and index fingers, then gently slide it in between the gaps of your teeth. Slowly move the floss back-and-forth to bring it away from your teeth without causing any harm. Keep up the good work!

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