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When we need to have a dental procedure done, it never ceases to make us nervous. For some, it is such an issue that they suffer from dental anxiety, especially when it comes to surgery. But these days, there really isn’t anything to fear – the dental industry understands that patients are nervous and have developed IV sedation as an option prior to the procedure, so you can rest at ease. Not only will sedation help ease you enough to calm your nerves, but it will also help your dental professional get the work done with the least amount of resistance. Here are some reasons you may want to mention IV sedation during your next dental procedure:

  • IV sedation kicks in right when it’s first administered, and the drug dosage can be altered to fit each individual patient.
  • A safe level of deep sedation can be reached with IV sedation, as where oral sedation and inhalation sedation can be unpredictable. IV sedation is safe and effective.
  • Certain treatments can be performed at a fast pace and with fewer office visits with the help of IV sedation.
  • With IV sedation, your gag reflex is greatly diminished. If you are using IV sedation for gag reflex, then your dentist may try inhalation sedation first.
  • IV sedation allows patients to be conscious, while also relaxing them. This allows them to cooperate with the dentist instructions and be relaxed at the same time.
  • Recovery time is typically shorter with IV sedation. This is mostly because the drug dosage can be tailored.

As you can see, you don’t need to worry about that dental procedure you’ve been dreading. There’s no reason to let your dental anxiety or sensitive gag reflex keep you from visiting the dentist.

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