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There are very few pains that we go through that drive us insane more than a toothache. There’s just something about the constant throbbing pain inside our heads that can render us helpless. And it is at this point that we call our dental professional to help rid us of this maddening condition. We will dodge the dentist chair when everything is pain-free, even when it can prevent the pain from occurring at all.

For the most severe dental problems, one of the common treatments is the dental implant. Where fillings remove small areas of decay with a synthetic substance and crowns place a cap over an existing tooth root, implants replace the entire tooth – root and all. The process is involved, but done properly, a tooth implant can last many decades, potentially even a lifetime. Sound scary? You aren’t alone – but there is nothing to fear.

The procedure starts by removing the existing tooth and root, then placing a titanium implant post into the patient’s jawbone. Once firmly bonded, the dentist will attach a second metal connector – known as an abutment – to the post, which provides a connecting surface for the replacement tooth. The dentist will then make impressions so that the replacement crown perfectly matches your existing bite. Finally, the crown will be attached permanently, providing a solid, permanent tooth.

The overall process typically involves very little pain – while there may be some pain in the initial extraction, the rest of the procedure can typically be done under local anesthesia. The procedure does take a few months to allow the post to properly bond to the jawbone, but once complete, the patient will have a natural looking, durable, convenient replacement for even the most severely damaged teeth.

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