Mythbusters: LANAP Procedure Edition | Huntington Beach Dentist

When you develop gum disease, there are a few ways to treat the issue. In the past, there was traditional gum surgery. Not only is it painful, but the recovery time is also extensive. Nowadays, there is a new option that not only removes the use of a scalpel, but also has a quick recovery period. This is the LANAP procedure.

Because it is a new procedure, it comes with lots of myths behind it. Today we disprove the more common ones:

Myth #1: Any dentist can do it.

Only trained, qualified periodontists and dentists can use LANAP lasers on patients. They undergo a year-long, intensive training process that happens at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry.

Myth #2: LANAP is expensive.

LANAP costs roughly the same as traditional gum surgery. But if you consider recovery time, LANAP may make for a more financially reasonable option.

Myth #3: Insurance doesn’t cover LANAP procedures.

Most insurance carriers will cover LANAP. Contact your insurance provider and discuss your coverage.

Myth #4: Any laser can be used for LANAP.

No, LANAP uses a very specific laser, the PerioLase MVP-7, to treat gum disease. This laser only targets the diseased gums, destroying the bad bacteria while preserving healthy tissue.

Myth #5: LANAP is dangerous.

Keep in mind that there are inherent risks in any medical procedure Your healthcare professional will discuss those with you before beginning the surgery so that you’re fully informed. However, LANAP uses an FDA-approved, safe laser that only interacts with harmful bacteria. There’s no risk of radiation or interaction with other medications as well. You may have to take x-rays before the procedure, but the risk is minimal there as well.

Do You Experience Tooth Sensitivity? | Huntington Beach Dentist

Here we are – the end of summer. It’s Labor Day weekend. The final hours of summer are beginning to dwindle away. The fun outdoor activities and events with friends and family have been fun all season long, but it’s time to pack up and get ready for the next season – autumn.

We know that summer foods are sweet, fresh and cold. As we get into the autumnal season, our diets begin to change to savory, cozy and warm. And while this doesn’t seem to be an issue, for some it can cause some major tooth sensitivity to occur. You know, those zings you feel when you eat something too cold or hot. It is something that affects more people than you think.

There are many reasons one could have teeth sensitivity. It’s generally caused naturally as we age. Our gums begin to pull back, making your teeth sensitive. Tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque buildup are various dental issues that make consuming hot or cold foods difficult. Damaged teeth or worn teeth due to teeth grinding are also ways teeth can become sensitive.

The sooner you fix these issues, the less likely there will be more damage. If you grind your teeth, use a mouth guard while you sleep to keep your teeth from wearing down. If you use teeth whitening products often, the chemicals may be the culprit. Acidic foods, like citrus fruit, can also contribute to wear and tear on tooth enamel. The key is to keep everything in moderation.

If you feel you have sensitive teeth, consult a dental professional. They will have helpful tips to keep your oral health intact so you can enjoy the warm and tasty treats the upcoming season has to offer.

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Garlic: A Blessing or a Curse? | Huntington Beach Dentist

Let’s face it – food wouldn’t be the same without garlic. It is so beloved that there is an entire festival dedicated to garlic in Gilroy, CA every summer. But with every good comes a bad and garlic is no different. The more we enjoy it, the more it is invading our mouths, leaving us with some of the stinkiest breath around. No chance of getting that kiss at the end of the date. But man – is it not a tasty ingredient that blesses any meal. Yum!

But did you know that garlic is actually helping our smiles? It’s true! It may be hard to believe this pungent ingredient has a positive to our health but it’s true – garlic is one of the most multi-faceted foods we have. And since National Garlic Day is in April, let’s take a moment to celebrate our smile’s favorite smelly friend…

Gum disease prevention. Garlic has thiosulfinate, a bacteria-reducing compound that specializes in reducing the production of plaque, the first stage of gum disease.

Promotes dental hygiene. We all know that garlic is guaranteed to give us some of the worst breath, so garlic is actually helping us maintain healthy dental practices as we are more prone to brush after eating garlic.

Get a good night’s sleep. Did you know garlic helps you sleep? Those that suffer from sleep apnea can benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties that can also help open up your airways and reduce enlarged tonsils.

Toothache relief. If a toothache or headache has occurred, munching on a clove of garlic can help relieve some of your pain naturally.

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Preventing Gum Disease Is Easier than You Think | Huntington Beach Dentist

Gum disease is one affliction that we all try to avoid but is one of the most common of all dental maladies. Most of us will have developed some form of gum disease in our lifetimes, but prevention isn’t as difficult as one might think. In fact, with proper dental hygiene and an examination by your dental professional you chances are quite minimal. Here is what you need to know:

Brush your teeth. The number one way to prevent periodontal disease is to brush for two minutes twice a day. And if you have a toothbrush handy, make it after every meal. Brushing after every meal prevents plaque from building up in the mouth.

Floss. The least favored of the dental hygiene tasks, flossing is extremely important in preventing periodontal disease by removing the plaque and bacteria that accumulates in the mouth.

Watch what you eat. Your diet is key is preventing periodontal disease. Keep things healthy by replacing your sodas and junk food with water and veggies.

In order to prevent periodontal disease, it is essential to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Extensive brushing and flossing are recommended, along with regular dental visits. Because whether we like it or not, taking preventative measures is the key to good dental health. It is our responsibility to look after our teeth, not our dentist. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms for periodontal disease, avoid waiting and make a dental appointment as soon as possible. By preventing or treating periodontal disease, you will not only save a significant amount of time and money, but your will save your smile from decay and permanent loss.

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When Gum Recession Becomes Unbearable | Huntington Beach Dentist

We’ve all heard the saying “long in the tooth”. It is generally used to describe someone in their later years, but gum recession is something that can affect us at any time in our lives. Why? Because gum recession can be caused by a lot of things – periodontal disease, aggressive tooth brushing, crooked teeth, body piercing in the lips or tongue and so on. When diagnosed with receding gums or if you’re already showing signs, your dentist may recommend a procedure known as Pinhole Surgical Technique. It’s an incision-free procedure that can help turn back the clock on your gums and make your smile beautiful once again.

You need to know that gum recession is serious. Because when gums recede, the root structure of the affected teeth is left exposed. This makes your teeth and gums more susceptible to dental problems such as tooth decay and many others.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a procedure that restores your gum lines without requiring the use of scalpels and stitches. This makes it one of the most comfortable and convenient gum recession procedures today. PST can be performed for any number of affected teeth by manipulating the connective tissues and repositioning your gums. More importantly, though, the PST requires patients to have little to no downtime at all and the results are evident almost immediately! More than that, however, PST has a lot of benefits, included of which are the following:

  • Natural-looking, long-lasting results
  • No need for the use of invasive surgical tools such as scalpels
  • No need for the use of sutures, which are known to be uncomfortable
  • Faster recovery times for patients as compared to grafting
  • Far less discomfort for the patients during and after treatment

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Diabetes and Its Effects on Your Smile | Huntington Beach Dentist

Diabetes is a condition that affects more and more Americans every day. And while we know that there are lots of health issues that may arise because of this condition, many do not assimilate diabetes with dental health. Unfortunately, there are lots dental issues that can arise if you don’t take care of yourself. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, there are a few things you need to look out for…

Because your diabetes effect so many areas – from eyes to kidneys, it is necessary to know to that you are at risk for a lot of unwanted dental health issues. If you do find that dental issues are arising, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to ensure your smile is doing okay. After all, high glucose levels will inevitably make the perfect environment for all of those cavity-causing bacteria. If you find that you are a victim of one of these symptoms, make sure you let your dental professional know to find out how you can keep your smile as healthy as possible:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth decay
  • Salivary gland dysfunction
  • Burning mouth syndrome
  • Thrush
  • Taste impairment

Just so you know, all hope is not lost – there are ways for you to control the effects of diabetes on your mouth. It’s just going to take a few subtle changes to your lifestyle. The most important rule of thumb? Keep up with your dental health. Brush your teeth twice a day, make sure you don’t forget to floss, and keep those dental appointments – visit the dentist twice a year.

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Repair Your Smile with Pinhole® Surgical Technique | Yorba Linda Dentist

If you have severe gum recession, your dental professional may suggest the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. But what exactly is it? And how will it repair gums that have already begun to recede? The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a way to repair gum shrinkage through a pinhole in the gum without having to cut. To make you more familiar with the procedure, here are some common questions patients have asked:

Is gum recession common? A lot of patients need gum rejuvenation, but don’t realize it. If it isn’t causing pain, patients don’t address the issue. Before the PST, patients needed to decide whether they should fix it with a very painful gum grafting procedure, try to ignore it, or try a temporary fix by placing a filling on the exposed root.

How long does the standard gum grafting procedure take? The standard procedure requires cutting out a graft of the gum from the palate and grafting it to where it’s needed. Generally, it’ll take at least an hour for just one or two teeth with recovery time of two or three weeks.

What’s the key to the procedure? With Pinhole Surgical Technique we don’t have to perform the gum grafting anymore. A pinhole is made by a needle, so there’s no scalpel or cutting at all. Then we shift the tissue down with very little trauma to the tissue and no open wounds to deal with. The tiny pinhole shrinks away by the next day.

Will I have to do this often? This is expected to be permanent and lasts long as any other procedure. Nothing is forever as the normal aging process goes on but it can last years.

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As We Begin to Get Long in the Tooth | Huntington Beach Dentist

It happens whether we like it or not – as we get older, our gums begin to recede. It’s a fact of life we all need to deal with, regardless of who we are. The good news is, we also don’t need to live with it. All we need to do is make an appointment with your dental professional to discuss treatment options. Today we are going to give you the ABCs of gum recession and treatment options available.

Gum recession usually happens when gum tissue surrounding the teeth starts to pull back, making the tooth appear longer and in worse cases, showing the root of the teeth. The problem is, if this happens, gaps or so-called “pockets” start to form in between the teeth, allowing disease-causing bacteria to build-up in the mouth, become infected, and will eventually result in the loss of teeth.

Now for the solutions – gum grafting and Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Gum grafting is considered the more traditional option. And until quite recently, it was the only option. The process involves taking a tissue sample from the roof of your mouth, transferring it to the problem area and stitching it up for healing. The process involves a lot of stitching, which can cause soreness, discomfort, and in many cases, scarring.

Pinhole Surgical Technique, a groundbreaking patented procedure, does not involve stitching. Rather, it requires only a single pinhole of entry placed at specifically chosen location and involves having the tissue under the gums moved around to slowly fill in the affected areas – all without stitches. The whole procedure consists only of a pinhole and no transfer of tissue is required, drastically cutting down on recovery time to 48 hours.

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When It’s More than Bad Breath | Huntington Beach Dentist

No one wants to hear they have bad breath. But there are lots of delicious things in our diet that affect our breath, it difficult to avoid. But that’s what mints are for, right? However, there are times when it isn’t the garlic bread that is causing your bad breath – it is a more serious issue. Let’s take a look at bad breath – how we get it, how we get rid of it and what happens when it is something more serious.

There are certain causes of bad breath: your diet, the condition of your teeth and how you take care of them. Bad breath is generally caused by bacteria in your mouth. Now, every mouth has bacteria, some of which are good, and some which aren’t. By removing the bacteria, you are reducing the possibility of halitosis (bad breath), which is why good dental hygiene is imperative. It is also critical to see your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis so they can take x-rays, measure your gum pockets and determine the extent of the bacteria in your mouth, as they remove the bacteria from above your gums. Occasionally, it is noted that bacteria may be able to get inside the gums, which cause gum infections (gum disease) and tooth loss.

Once it has been determined you have gum disease, it is recommended to have cleanings done every 3 months to maintain the health of the gums. Generally, the gum measurements are made to determine how well the gums are responding to treatment and cleaned, to ensure the continued improvement of the bacteria removal.

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Why You Need to Brush Your Teeth this Halloween | Huntington Beach Dentist

As we embark on another Halloween night, it is important to understand that dental hygiene is particularly necessary during this time of year in order to prevent dental issues from arising later on down the line. Because if you eat loads of sugary sweets, but don’t keep up with dental hygiene, it could lead to cavities and even worse, gingivitis. The cause of gingivitis may vary slightly but is typically due to poor oral hygiene.

Gingivitis typically progresses due to plaque, an invisible sticky film composed of bacteria that builds on the surface of teeth over time. Brushing and flossing removes plaque, but failure to brush and floss allows the plaque to harden into tartar, which is calcified and nearly impossible to remove with simple brushing.

Treatments for gingivitis tend to be less invasive than those for periodontal disease, because gingivitis is a milder case of the disease. Primary treatment for gingivitis is going to be an in-office dental cleaning, where tartar can be removed, plaque will be cleaned, and the dentist may use physical instruments to remove buildup below the gum line.

Left untreated, gingivitis will eventually lead to periodontal disease, where the bacteria work their way into the deeper gum pockets and, eventually, the bone beneath the teeth. Treatment for periodontal disease will be far more involved.

There are a number of treatment options for both gingivitis and periodontal disease, but the easiest way to deal with periodontal disease is to avoid allowing plaque and tartar buildup in order to develop gingivitis in the first place. Regular professional cleanings and thorough home hygiene are necessary. Happy Halloween!

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