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It happens whether we like it or not – as we get older, our gums begin to recede. It’s a fact of life we all need to deal with, regardless of who we are. The good news is, we also don’t need to live with it. All we need to do is make an appointment with your dental professional to discuss treatment options. Today we are going to give you the ABCs of gum recession and treatment options available.

Gum recession usually happens when gum tissue surrounding the teeth starts to pull back, making the tooth appear longer and in worse cases, showing the root of the teeth. The problem is, if this happens, gaps or so-called “pockets” start to form in between the teeth, allowing disease-causing bacteria to build-up in the mouth, become infected, and will eventually result in the loss of teeth.

Now for the solutions – gum grafting and Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Gum grafting is considered the more traditional option. And until quite recently, it was the only option. The process involves taking a tissue sample from the roof of your mouth, transferring it to the problem area and stitching it up for healing. The process involves a lot of stitching, which can cause soreness, discomfort, and in many cases, scarring.

Pinhole Surgical Technique, a groundbreaking patented procedure, does not involve stitching. Rather, it requires only a single pinhole of entry placed at specifically chosen location and involves having the tissue under the gums moved around to slowly fill in the affected areas – all without stitches. The whole procedure consists only of a pinhole and no transfer of tissue is required, drastically cutting down on recovery time to 48 hours.

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