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We all try to do our best to keep our smiles healthy. We brush, floss, visit the dentist regularly and try to stay away from habits that can cause dental issues. One of the reasons we are so adamant about doing these things is because of the dreaded root canal. Yes, finding out you need a root canal seems to be one of the biggest fears a patient has when visiting the dentist. But is it as scary as we think it is?

Since knowledge is power, let’s talk about what exactly is causing your teeth to decay. If we know how what is going to cause us to need a root canal, we can avoid those circumstances:

  1. Large cavities
  2. Cracked or chipped teeth
  3. Facial trauma
  4. A habit of clenching or grinding your teeth
  5. Repeatedly damaged teeth

Now for the results. If left untreated, a tooth can become infected and won’t be able to heal properly, eventually leading to an abscess or even tooth loss. Abscesses aren’t just bad for our smiles, but the content in an abscess can spread to other areas in the body, causing further damage.

Don’t worry – with today’s technology, root canals aren’t as scary as they are made out to be. In fact, their pain level could even be compared to getting a filling. Your dentist needs to remove all of the pulp and nerve causing the issue, then replacing it with a dental crown to make your tooth look good as new. If you are nervous, ask your dentist about sedation options. In the end, you are the first line of defense, so take care of your smile.

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